Some and Verb Agreement

As a professional, one of the most critical writing aspects that I come across is subject-verb agreement. Simple yet significant, this writing rule can make or break an article’s readability, credibility, and SEO ranking. A common mistake that many writers make is the incorrect usage of “some” with the verb. This article will explain the basics of subject-verb agreement, how to use “some” correctly, and why it matters in SEO.

Subject-verb agreement is the matching of the subject with the correct form of the verb. In a sentence, the subject is typically a noun or pronoun, and the verb is the action or state of being that the subject performs. The basic rule is that a singular subject requires a singular verb, while a plural subject requires a plural verb. For instance, “The cat is sleeping” is a grammatically correct sentence because “cat” is singular, and “is” is the correct singular form of the verb. Similarly, “The cats are sleeping” is also a grammatically correct sentence because “cats” is plural, and “are” is the correct plural form of the verb.

However, the use of “some” can make subject-verb agreement more challenging. “Some” is a determiner that refers to an unspecified quantity of something. It can be used to indicate a positive quantity or degree, as in “Some of the cake is left,” or an indefinite number or amount, as in “Some people like ice cream.” When used correctly, “some” should be followed by a plural noun and a plural verb, as in “Some cakes are left” or “Some people like ice cream.” This rule applies even if the noun coming after “some” is singular, as in “Some cake is left.”

However, sometimes, writers mistakenly use “some” with a singular verb. For example, “Some of the cake is leftover” or “Some of the people is leaving” are incorrect sentences because they violate the subject-verb agreement rule. The correct forms should be “Some of the cake is left” and “Some of the people are leaving,” respectively. Using “some” incorrectly with a singular verb can make the sentence confusing, unnatural, and incorrect, which can impact its readability and credibility.

Another reason why subject-verb agreement is essential in SEO is that search engines prioritize websites with high-quality content that is easy to read and understand. If an article has too many grammatical errors, including subject-verb disagreement, it can affect its readability score, which ultimately affects its search engine optimization ranking. Furthermore, if the article has too many errors, it can make readers doubt the author`s credibility and authority on the topic, ultimately resulting in a loss of traffic and engagement.

In conclusion, understanding subject-verb agreement is crucial for any writer who wants to produce error-free and high-quality content. Using “some” correctly with a plural noun and verb is a basic rule that all writers should follow to ensure their articles` readability, credibility, and SEO ranking. So, whether you are a seasoned writer or a beginner, always double-check your articles for subject-verb agreement errors to ensure that your writing is effective, clear, and engaging.

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