Vmware Service Agreement Id

Теперь Вы знаете свои номера контрактов VMware. VMware: vmware@v-grade.ru . Мы подготовим Вам предложение и вышлем. But does the seller agree to give me the SAID? On our invoice for the first provider, not the initial invoice from the second/last supplier to HP, the price with software vmware support is 1 year. VMware: my.vmware.com A unique identifier for each customer who has entered into a sales and cleaning contract with HP to cover the product support under this reference. I don`t know what SAID is, where and how to get it. Если у Вас есть вопросы, вы всегда можете их задать по почте или в окне чата в правом нижнем углу. Please, can anyone I contact to identify the SAID for the support promises we paid for? Server hardware, vSphere products and support were purchased in 2010/2011 through a reseller. We are now trying to renew the support (through another reseller) and lift a support call with HP, but it seems we can`t do it without a service contract identifier. If you use HP software, you need to have this reference and why you don`t get in touch with your software sales team, they may have knowledge. I`m in trouble like you. Have you received any answers to your problem? The right contact team is specific to each country/regio.

We no longer have a registration for the SAID and the dealer we bought from no longer exists. Логин – это тот имейл, который Вы указывали при заказе лицензий.

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