Vaccine Agreements

The government expects both vaccines to be available in Australia from early to mid-2021: subject to being safe and effective and approved by the country`s regulator. Vaccination centres include, first, general practitioners, general medical clinics, public and territorial vaccination centres and workstations such as care centres for the elderly. The COVID 19 vaccine will not be mandatory in Australia, but will be free for those who choose to get vaccinated. While the Novavax contract has more taxpayer-friendly patent and data rights than some of the other Warp Speed operation contracts, Love says the government should have welcomed so-called authorities in exceptional circumstances that could eventually allow the U.S. government to own the vaccine patents. These have not been included in any of the treaties that have been made public so far. Instead, the usual protection of taxpayers has been weakened. More than $12 billion has been invested in research and development (R&D), clinical trials and the production of six lead lists for COVID-19 vaccines. The six applicants and the amount each has received so far in public funding are vaccines, that of AstraZeneca/Oxford University (over $1.7 billion), Johnson & johnson/BiologicalE ($1.5 billion), Pfizer/BioNTech ($2.5 billion), Glaxo SmithKline/Sanofi Pasteur ($2.1 billion), Novavax/Serum Institute of India (nearly $2 billion) and Moderna/Lonza ($2.48 billion). In an agreement with the University of Oxford, AstraZeneca has committed not to obtain COVID-19 vaccines “during the pandemic period” and to sell the vaccine at cost price. However, another agreement for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine with Brazilian public research organization Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) recently revealed that AstraZeneca had given itself the power to declare the pandemic over as early as July 2021.

This means that after July 2021, AstraZeneca could charge high prices to governments and other buyers for a fully publicly funded vaccine. “We are not putting all our eggs in one basket, and we will continue to monitor other vaccines if our medical experts recommend them.” Governments must be courageous at this critical time for the health of billions of people, take responsibility for the billions of public dollars they have spent on these vaccines, and demand that pharmaceutical companies urgently publish all licenses, agreements, the cost of clinical trials, and data related to COVID-19 vaccines. Of the contracts that have been released, many have removed the government`s rights to intervene if the vaccine manufacturer sets an excessively high price. Instead, they have rewritten the government`s right to “invade,” which allows it, in much smaller circumstances, to take over a publicly funded drug or vaccine. Australia`s COVID-19 vaccine portfolio now includes two protein vaccines (Novavax, CSL) and one mRNA (Pfizer) and one vaccine against the virus (AZ). . . .

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