Tenancy Agreement No Candles

My rent doesn`t say candles because of the fire hazard. “NO TUXEDO OF ANY TYPE ALLOWED IN OUR OUTDOOR DWELLINGS, FIREPLACES, CORRIDORS, CAR PARKS OR CONSTRUCTION FACILITIES EXCEPT FOR A DESIGNATED AREA. Tenants with clients who smoke will break the rental agreement and can count on eviction. WhyI`m not talking about your strange lease anymore! The majority of tenants may violate their tenancy agreement, after further investigations. We have been renting for 10 years in a number of private properties. My parents are LL. I`ve never had a problem with using candles. We had permission for a cat. We put pictures with permission. We had BBQs and swings.

My parents` tenants are the same. I am surprised at what constraints some people are living with. How can this be your home? I wouldn`t sign a lease with ridiculous terms… When developing contractual lease clauses, lawyers try to use general clauses that have the widest possible demand. For example, say you add a clause that says that Ian Williams, a spokesman for Ocean Finance, said: “Many standard leases contain a lot of clauses on cutting grass and emptying containers. While breaking these conditions may seem trivial, it could have serious consequences. Blu-tack stains on the walls might be only the excuse the owner needs to retain some or all of their sureties, while storing a pet or subletting room could lead to the exit of the accommodation. I agree that it is ott and seems unreasonable on the owner`s part, but to protect myself, I would check by the kidney agreement, as if by the mention I take in writing about the candles, they may have a reason not to return to bail. My first hand flat rental contract that has no TV or radio after 21:30, I said when moving in, but the point is amazing what some people in the fine print on the agreements as owner I am shocked by some of these rents, no bikes, no candles, no BBQ , no birthday candles. I have rented mine for years and have never had any problems caused by any of the things mentioned above The study was conducted on behalf of mortgage lender and credit lender Ocean Finance. She found that 94% of people who rent their homes admit to acting in a way that could violate their lease.

Assuming that your tenancy agreement has an appropriate clause with respect to fire protection, while your tenants also do not realize that the candles are covered, etc., I suggest you write to them to explain it.

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