Tafe Commission Of Nsw Tafe Managers Enterprise Agreement

So far, ten formal meetings have been held between federation and TAFE NSW, and regular meetings have continued. Both parties have committed to agreeing as soon as possible to a proposed new enterprise agreement. An important part of the negotiation process is your right to appoint a negotiator to participate in the negotiations on your behalf. There are three ways to be represented during the negotiations: the Victorian TAFE Association A Manual for Best Practice in Employment Relations and OH-S have become ready to provide good practice advice on contemporary human resources, industrial relations and OH-S practices. The latter manual was completely revised and updated in September 2019. Prior to the start of negotiations, the Federation conducted a survey of all TAFE members covered by the agreement to set their priorities for the new EA. This poll showed by an overwhelming majority that teachers wanted to focus on a 2.5% increase in annual salary without loss of conditions. Although the agreement`s nominal expiration date is October 29, 2019, the agreement remains in place until it is replaced. We will begin negotiations on a new agreement in early 2019. To access these or other modern awards, go fwcgov.au/awards-and-agreements/awards and use the “Modern Awards Decisions” category in your search. The keyword search is in the left sidebar. For any questions, you can contact your local partner. The Fair Work Commission website contains very useful information about enterprise agreements or you can also call your infoline on 1300 799 675.

TAFE NSW is in the process of entering into negotiations for a new enterprise agreement for TAFE NSW employees, which will be covered by the Tafe Commission of NSW TAFE Managers Enterprise Agreement 2015. The current agreement expires on June 30, 2017. Improving productivity in the workplace through corporate trading For more information about your representation rights during the negotiation process, this email is attached. This is also available on the Enterprise Trading website. A Best Practices Manual on Labour Relations and OHS provides boards, CEOs, staff and superiors with an invaluable tool to implement best practices in the workplace and industrial relations.

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