Rev Confidentiality Agreement

In the wake of the unrest, Slator contacted Safeena Walji, the company`s public relations manager, who said: “It is in the nature of our company that Revvers has access to customer information while transcribing the media files provided. We trust Revvers to ensure that customer information is secure and we are confident that the confidentiality agreements signed by all Revvers are sufficient to provide adequate guarantees to our customers. All files remain on Rev`s servers. Revvers cannot download or save customer files throughout the ordering and transcription process. Transcrifists say they have elucidated the Revs Forum – “to discuss why humanity is going to deep, dark places,” says an independent, but they are limited in what they can say about their experience because they have signed confidentiality agreements. Revvers uses the same forum to warn each other against problem customers. Some “download content with large amounts of sex, as well as plots that could lead to scandals once they`ve fled,” noted one person. We don`t just say we respect your privacy, we take out the white gloves and we treat everything with care. Transcripts are widespread in different sectors and, although the need for safety is constant, standards differ from industry to industry.

That`s why we go to the extra mile to make sure every customer is covered, from large companies to independents. OneZero`s article went on to say that in October 2018, Revvers said via email that they removed the file download option for “recent violation of our confidentiality agreement” – violations that were never made public. Rev notes in its FAQ that it does not comply with HIPAA, a federal law that protects patient health information. The professionals sign a confidentiality agreement that OneZero has verified, which prohibits them from contacting clients or talking about their work outside Rev. The company also shows Revvers a monthly pop-up window that OneZero also checked for the seizure of “I agree with the confidentiality agreement… to continue. The box indicates that violations of these conditions may subject an independent to legal action. Rev`s website also says that the company encrypts all of its customers` records and that it would take 13.75 billion years to break this encryption and compromise our security. Your access and use of this website is subject to other agreements between us, including our terms of use at: When customers transmit audio to the Service, it enters a database accessible to Rev`s 40,000 Transcribers (or “Revvers,” as the company calls it). The database used by Revvers to select or “claim” commands whose screenshots have been displayed by OneZero lists complete names and trade titles for customers and allows any transcribed to listen to an audio or video file until it is claimed.

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