Nhmrc Grant Agreement

A request for variation should not be used as a means of meeting NHMRC privilege requirements or avoiding budgetary adjustments, unless expressly permitted in the issuing guidelines. Researchers at the University of Melbourne can view the details of the scholarship by registering with Themis Research Self Service (Agreements Workbench). A copy of the funding agreement, the price letter and the MIA is attached to the minutes. All appropriations must be spent in accordance with the MIA, the funding contract, all special conditions and the initial grant application. If “specific conditions” are attached to the grant offer, these are described in the CRA`s letter of award or in the NHMRC calendar. Such “special conditions” may relate to budget, travel (including the International Collaboration Awards), Discovery Outstanding Researcher Awards, the start of the fellowship and other issues, and it is the responsibility of researchers to ensure that they meet these criteria. Management bodies are required to submit annual accounts and an acquittal account for each financial file. This process is managed by the team of project and research accountants, in collaboration with the CIA. Chief Investigators (ISCs) and Fellows should update their Sapphire CV each year (end of June each year), including the link between achievements and results with the corresponding NHMRC grant ID. Chief Investigator A (CIA) and his department are responsible for the day-to-day management of funding. All appropriations must be spent in accordance with the funding agreement, the specific terms of the letter of award, the initial grant application and the multi-institutional agreement.

For the ARC and NHMRC awards awarded to UTAS as an administrative organization, ORS will notify the applicant (the first designated chief investigator) by e-mail and provide detailed instructions on the issuance process. The adoption of a research funding offer includes a number of measures to ensure compliance with all UTAS and funding agencies requirements and to ensure that the grant can be implemented as a research project with UTAS. Although the specific requirements vary from system to system, applicants notify the ORS of their agreement and the ORS accepts the funding agency`s offer. For ARC and NHMRC scholarships managed by another institution and of which UTAS is a cooperating organization, please inform your promoter of its success. The support program manager will work with you and legal services to process the agreements. Billing services are entered into non-lead grants files based on the allocation of funding in the MIA. NHMRC financial statements due after January 1, 2014 do not require CIA justification for the transfer of funds; Unless this is the last year of the grant, the application for an extension of the grant term must be submitted. Use this variant if your grant has not yet been launched.

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