Extended Service Agreement Model 3

Tesla provides specific maintenance recommendations for your model in the manual. They also recommend that you perform the following maintenance: All new Tesla vehicles have a limited new vehicle warranty, accepted by all Tesla service centers. The Tesla warranty begins on the day the vehicle is commissioned and continues for the specified period or miles indicated. Here you`ll find a quick overview of the different types of coverage and lifespans included in the limited warranty for the new vehicle. X-Care is the first and only third-party extended service contract (extended warranty) for Tesla and all other battery electric vehicles. Created by Tesla experts, especially for the Tesla community, symbol of maturity in tesla space used, as well as the attempt to strengthen the Tesla brand as a whole. This now gives owners and potential owners the opportunity to jump into a Tesla with calm. The extended Tesla warranty or extended service contract is a bumper warranty for Model X and Model S vehicles. It covers the cost of repairing most parts of the vehicle in case of material error or processing. The agreement excludes coverage of the lithium-ion battery and powertrain, which are equipped with a separate warranty cover. For Model X vehicles, the two-year Tesla warranty costs $2,400 if you purchase it within 180 days and $2,900 after 180 days.

The four-year cost of ESA for Tesla X is $4,800 if purchased within 180 days and $5,300 after 180 days. Tesla offers an extended warranty, which it calls an extended service contract, but only for the Model S and Model X, not the Model 3, the company`s entry-level vehicle. Admittedly, there are guarantees for third parties, but not all companies cover luxury brands or electric vehicles or, if so, coverage may not be available for all models in the range. In our research on the best advanced car warranty companies, we learned that the popular supplier CarShield offers protection for Tesla models. You can ask them for price offers and standard contracts. “Tesla is pretty sensitive to the word “partner,” so we`re not saying we`re Tesla partners,” Davoodi says. “We are totally independent. We don`t work directly with Tesla – we were able to create something that works around Tesla. Many third-party warranty companies require an inspection of the car while it is in service. They require the technician to call the contract supplier and develop the parts to be ordered – they work directly with the service technician and the department manager over the phone. It takes a lot of back-and-forth and a lot of inefficiencies that Tesla won`t do, and we understand that. The extension of the Tesla warranty does not include additional benefits, such as tire change, rental car refunds or concierge services, which involve many serious third-party warranty companies.

While a Tesla-ESA contract stipulates that Tesla warranties cover the cost of towing to a Tesla service center for the first 50 miles if you have a flat tire, it is not certain that you need to buy troubleshooting separately to take advantage of this advantage. Source: the current automotive industry; Editor`s Note: Current Automotive now offers X-Care`s extended warranty for Teslas. Current Automotive is the first U.S. car dealership to focus exclusively on used electric cars marketed by two former Tesla employees. The extended Tesla warranty is also cancellable. If you terminate your unpretentious contract within 60 days of the purchase, you will be fully refunded. After 60 days, you can cancel at any time and you will be refunded. Enhanced third-party warranties, particularly serious expanded auto warranty projects, could be a better option for Tesla owners. Although these plans are more general than the manufacturer`s warranty, they offer much more flexibility without compromising your safety. Here are some advantages of choosing a third party: remember that this coverage is not available on all Tesla models, and

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