Documents Required For Stamp Paper Agreement

w.e.f. 01/05/1994 Stamps must be purchased in the name of a performer who signs the instrument. Under Section 31, of Bombay Stamp Act, 1958. deals with the evaluation of instruments. The warrant means determining the ability to load stamp duty on instruments. The authority to be taken is the designated stamp collector in each district. The fee is 100/- Rs. as adjudication fee. The request for evaluation must be accompanied by a copy or summary of the act, as well as affidavits or other evidence necessary to demonstrate the instrument`s lot capacity, which effectively demonstrated the ability of the instrument`s lot and proof of payment. The warrant can be done for both signed and unsigned documents. Stamps are generally classified as stamps and non-cachets. Stamps are used for transactions with post offices and related functions.

The following types of tampons fall under the “non-postal stamp” category. 01. Judicial Cachet 02. No – Stamp document 03. Recording stamp / Special adhesive stamp (labels) 04. Court fees Stamp 05. Business stamp 06. Notary stamp 07. Foreign bill stamp Stamp 08.

Broker Note 09. Stamp 10 insurance policy. Stock transfer stamp 11. Hundi 12. Stamp Insurance Agency The different characteristics of the different characteristics of the insurance are listed on the balg stamp; The new inks are printed on special safety paper with special safety inks and printing techniques, modern stamp editions include fluorescent markings. These are used to sort deterrence falsification. Non-judicial stamp documents that are often used in the country. Court stamp documents are known as criminal documents. They are generally used for legal or judicial purposes.

They are used to pay court fees in order to avoid cash transactions. The case before the courts is admitted after the payment of the legal fees. Although each stamp paper has a monetary value, it cannot be treated as a negotiable instrument or as a monetary note. Documents with legal implications such as the lease, purchase and sale of real estate, business/contract contract, loan contract, power of attorney, gift certificate, among others, are executed on stamp securities to make them legitimate and legally enforceable.

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