Bonus Agreement Terms And Conditions

(i) calculating premiums. The entity will base the premium on the ratio of actual EBITDA for one year to budgeted EBITDA, as defined by the Board of Directors for this fiscal year. If the effective EBITDA corresponds to the budgeted EBITDA for one year, the bonus amounts to 60% of the executive`s base salary at the time, with the bonus being increased by 2% of the base salary for every $1 million that exceeds the actual EBITDA for a year of this type, provided that the bonus does not exceed $400,000 for an exercise (or the basic salary of executives). , the basic salary should be increased if the basic treatment is increased. 2000, point a) eligibility. Management is entitled to an annual bonus if, during this period, management has remained a full-time employee of the company and has faithfully and carefully performed the assigned duties and has fulfilled all essential aspects. (c) Payment of bonuses. The company pays management a cash withholding bonus according to the following schedule: the bonus clause sets the terms of the management bonus, including the eligibility conditions, the amount paid and the method of payment. The clause may contain the following: (b) The amount of the premium.

The company will determine the objectives of achieving the bonus, the amount, if it exists, and all other conditions related to the bonus. 1.2. The deduction bonus is paid into the [numbers] of days following the end of the year applicable to each bonus. (ii) “EBITDA,” earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, based on generally accepted accounting benchmarks and applied on a consistent basis; Actual EBITDA is derived from the employer`s audited annual accounts by its independent accountants. . . . (a) eligibility.

The company can pay an annual bonus to management. (c) Payment of bonuses. The company pays each lump sum premium, subject to withholding and withholding, throughout the year immediately after the year to which it relates. . . . (b) the amount of premiums. The company pays up to [[%] % of the basic salary of management] [BONUS AMOUNT]. The company will determine the final bonus on the basis of management`s achievement of the performance objectives and objectives set by the Board of Directors. .

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